Friday, May 16, 2008

Walking with Toto

Everyday I take doggy Toto for a walk.

It's great fun, relaxing and I need the fresh air.

The area I live in is not exactly known for it's beauty.

But hey....just 2 ...ONLY 2 minutes away I can walk in a gorgeous forrest around "Erenstein"-castle. Unfortunately it's just too far to walk to. (Toto will have done his bizz before he get's there) But daughter Whitney rides her bike there to work, cause she works in the castle as a chef.

So everyday I take Toto and we go for our walk, it's OUR time, we walk, run, Toto swims and rolls around every bit of mud he can find. He greets the horses in the "Anstel"-valley. And he sees his doggy friends. Everyday I feel lucky to walk around such beauty and I'm able to get rid of all my dayly stress.

Ain't life grand!

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